Who doesn’t want to have a nicely round and lifted butt that will look amazing in any pair of jeans? Do you have the PANCAKE BOOTY, TEAR DROP BOOTY OR NO ASSATALL??? I know how you feel because I once had the tear drop booty myself. Now having phat assets is the wave and everybody wants to know “How can Imake my butt bigger?”

BOOTYBOOM! With MoRoocx 12 week Series has you covered! BOOTBOOM! is for women and men of all fitness levels, who want to build bigger glutes, while spending less time in the gym!

This intense 12 week butt focused program is for those of you if you are ready to build strong, round glutes. I am teaching you the best way to activate those muscles through consistent training so they will grow. The more often you train your glutes the faster they grow in size and strength. This program is specifically designed bring you the most incredible results in a 3 part training course.


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