Why is it important to eat before working out?

Food is fuel. It is important to eat approximately 30-45 minutes of performing any physical exercise.   If your body does not have all the right foods, it will take energy from your muscles and that can ruin your metabolism SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT WORKING OUT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

How can I keep an accurate count of my calorie intake?

I use and recommend the my fitness pal app on Google Play  or Apple Store, to help guide me with me calorie intake.

Why should I include weight training in my workout regimen?

You will not build muscle or keep your shape with just cardio. Some studies shows that lifting and strength training increases muscle mass and more muscle equals higher metabolic rate, and that naturally burns more calories all day long even while you sleep.

How can I get the most out of my workout in 45 minutes?

I find that when I am pressed for time, exercises that require full body movements are more challenging, increases my heart rate faster and burns more calories in shorter time.

How can I stay motivated?

Change up your workout regimes.
Doing the same routines over and over will lead to boredom and makes it easy to quit. Get a workout partner so that you can motivate each other. Set short term goals. They seem more attainable so your chances of staying committed are higher.

Why should i get proper rest daily?

Sleep is important. Lack of sleep/rest can lead to an imbalance in hormones and stress levels which can affect your weight.

Which fruit are best to eat?

Berries. Berries has less sugar than other fruit. They are high in antioxidants to help reduce the risk of cancer. Granny Smith Apple is another better choice of fruut has less sugar than other apples.

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